Best Green Tech Innovations of 2009

by Richard T. Stuebi

Last week, E/The Environmental Magazine announced its Best Green Tech Innovations of 2009.

It’s unclear what criteria were used to select the winners, but I was impressed by the fact that I had not previously heard of any of these products or technologies. Since they were all news to me, I don’t know enough about any of them to have a favorite.

I’m also struck by the observation that the list represents innovation involving large corporations like Ford (NYSE: F) and Sony (NYSE: SNE) as well as tiny start-ups and individual inventors.

I used to pride myself on being pretty well-informed about the cleantech arena, but being unable to remain abreast of developments on so many fronts is a vivid illustration of how robust the cleantech space is becoming. I’ll gladly sacrifice the comprehensiveness of my awareness and understanding for increasing velocity from an exploding number of innovators — including industrial powerhouses — in the cleantech marketplace.

Richard T. Stuebi is a founding principal of the advanced energy initiative at NorTech, where he is on loan from The Cleveland Foundation as its Fellow of Energy and Environmental Advancement. He is also a Managing Director in charge of cleantech investment activities at Early Stage Partners, a Cleveland-based venture capital firm.

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  1. Nathan Schock
    Nathan Schock says:

    Richard,I agree that it's getting harder and harder to keep up with Cleantech news. I have over 300 feeds in my RSS reader (including the Cleantech Blog) and I still can't stay on top of everything. Thanks for the link.

  2. Brenor
    Brenor says:

    Well I'm not so sure about the worth of the list. The leading green consumer product is for:pie-shaped alloy cylinder, could be retrofitted on any gas or diesel engine…cutting fuel consumption by up to 40%, increasing horsepower by 10% or betterHow did that one slip passed the engineers at Toyota?It would seem likely that this joins the long list of bogus bits you can attach to your engine to increase efficiency. Google "Mythbusters The Great Gas Conspiracy" for a taste. For added amusement read the patent application where they hypothesize that oxygen contained on the alloy-cylinder aids engine combustion.

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