Missouri Solar taking off

Since 2000, electricity rates have gone up by about 4.5% annually. Even in this downturn, electric utility have little shame in raising rates to invest in infrastructure that depends on 20th century approaches. In 2008, Missouri voters decided to pass a 300 MW solar program within a bold RPS plan. The plan requires a rebate for solar at $2/Watt for projects up to 100kW. In the meantime, solar PV prices have plumented and 100kW solar systems can be installed now for less than $3.90/Watt. With matching federal incentives solar is now cheaper than rates in Missouri, especially after AmerenUE decided to raise rate again. These utilities really have no ability to look out more than a few years. As AmerenUE decides to keep raising rates they are driving electricity customers to keep look for alternatives. These don’t just include solar. They now include geothermal, cogeneration, fuel cells, and other technologies.

Jigar Shah
Carbon War Room
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