Kansas Power Plant Overbudget

Just saw this article: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/04/08/1866150/kcpl-boosts-cost-for-new-electricity.html

Comparing the cost of the upfront capital in this plant to technologies have have free fuel costs are just inaccurate. Technologies like wind, solar, energy efficiency and others act like Nuclear power did in the 1970s. They have high upfront costs but reduce electric utility rates over time as their capital costs are paid off. This is why old coal and nuclear is cheap and NEW coal, nuclear, and natural gas is so expensive. Further, the 20th century technologies have volatile fuel prices. Natural Gas and coal are cheaper now, but were 2-3 times more expensive in 2008. The challenge here is that the utilities and the public service commission are using bad data to make decisions. I can’t believe they are deliberately cheating rate payers, but they seem to not know any better. The sad thing is that David Springe can do something about it, and is instead just trying to win a bet.

Jigar Shah
Carbon War Room
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