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What do Big Oil and EV Batteries Have in Common?

For those of you interested in the sector under the sector in electric vehicles, the guts of Li Ion battery technology, the week just got more interesting than an overpriced, over hyped Tesla IPO. Check out a very quiet unnanouncement in A123’s SEC filings noting a multi-year supply deal with ConocoPhillips’ Cpreme, the emerging leader in […]


Headhunting in the CleanTech World

by Richard T. Stuebi It wasn’t long ago that most executive recruitment firms didn’t know how to spell “cleantech”, much less develop specialized practices in the field. In 2000, when I and my fellow co-founder of a start-up company in the distributed generation space knew that we needed help in hiring a CEO, we contacted […]


Cleantech Blog "Power 10" Ranking Vol III 2010

This year picking the Top 10 Cleantech companies felt a little more challenging than 2009 and 2008.  The sector is growing (and growing up), and struggling under its first cycles.  Biofuels is a bit smashed up (as we’ve been predicting), water tech still has not emerged, solar is learning how to play with the big boys, […]


Gates Gets It

by Richard T. Stuebi A few weeks ago, the American Energy Innovation Council released a report calling for a bipartisan commitment to increased governmental involvement in encouraging more research to spawn the new energy industry of the future. The five key recommendations of the report are: Create an independent body to propose a national energy […]


BP and the Obama Administration – I Blame You for Ruining My Gulf

To start off with, I have to say like many people I’m deeply concerned with the oil spill at Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a generational environmental hit that cannot be overstated. Perhaps BP deserves more credit than it’s getting for responding fast with a massive amount of resource, no finger pointing, […]


A Good Green Story

by Richard T. Stuebi One of the more promising stories to emerge from Cleveland in recent years is the formation of the Evergreen Cooperatives, a holding company to fund start-up companies that: Employ disadvantaged citizens from some of the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Cleveland Are founded on the principle of being worker-owned cooperatives, to enable […]


4.7 Million EV Charge Points by 2015

As people start ordering electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, and Chevy Volt, a vast network of charge points becomes more important. Drivers want to extend their range by hundreds of miles by charging at work, downtown, and on the road. Many who live in cities are interested in electric cars but […]


Bobby Jindal is Blinded by Money

I was shocked when reading this letter from Governor Bobby Jindal. Now I find him to be over political at times, even though I like his governing style in general. In this case, he is just out of his mind. BP has not even capped the well yet and Governor Jindal is asking for more […]


Top Ten Energy Myths

by Richard T. Stuebi I get a kick out of trite little lists that I can quickly report on and provoke some thinking and conversation. And so it is that I recently came across the “Top Ten Energy Myths”, as suggested by Thomas Tanton, a fellow at the Pacific Research Institute. As listed in the […]


Coulomb Technologies Smart-Charging for Ford Electric Vehicles

By John Addison – June 3, 2010 Ford is promoting smart charging as it now takes orders for the Ford Transit Connect, next year for the 2011 Ford Focus EV, and in 2012 the Ford Plug-in Hybrid. Ford is partnering with Coulomb Technologies to provide nearly 5,000 free wall-installed charging stations for some of the […]