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Why Smaller Venture Funds Do Better

Guest Blog – Max Branzburg, Clean Pacific Ventures Despite cries to the contrary, the venture capital industry is not broken. The poor performance over the past decade leading critics to write VC off as “fun while it lasted” has been driven by an isolated segment of the industry: large funds. The red flags are ubiquitous, […]


Solar Energy’s 33 Percent Annual Growth will Accelerate

By John Addison (7/26/10) Solar energy growth continues its strong growth. For the 30 years from 1979 to 2009, solar energy has grown 33 % CAGR (compound average growth rate). For this decade, over 40 percent is forecast. Although 2009 was hurt by a sever recession and difficulty in financing large projects, most additional power […]


Resource Recovery from wastewater – the new paradigm

Everywhere you look people are trying to do more with less. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce energy use, recover resources. There are strong economic drivers to do all of these things, they also happen to be sustainable. Last Thursday (July 22nd 2010) I moderated the first in the BlueTech Tracker(TM) Webinar series: Mineral & Resource […]


Keeping Cool

Richard T. Stuebi As pretty much everyone knows, it’s been a hot summer — here in the Northeastern U.S. and across the globe — as 2010 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record. This weekend was brutally so, and to capitalize on it, the Plain-Dealer here in Cleveland ran a couple of […]


GE Bets 10 Billion on Digital Energy

By John Addison GE Smart Charging Stations for Electric Cars General Electric intends to be the leader in smart grid charging of electric vehicles. GE’s Watt Station EV Charger was personally unveiled today by CEO Jeff Immelt. Globally, GE already helps thousands of electric utilities be more efficient in generating power and in distributing power. […]


Nuclear Energy: Threat or Opportunity?

by Richard T. Stuebi Several months ago, I was asked by the Chagrin Foundation for Arts & Culture, in my lovely home town of Chagrin Falls OH, to speak on the topic of nuclear energy at their Chautauqua-at-Chagrin lecture series this summer. I agreed, and proposed the title of my talk “Nuclear Energy: Threat or […]


Toyota Prius PHV Fights Chevy Volt

By John Addison (from original post in the Clean Fleet Report 7/6/10) As the world leader in hybrid cars, Toyota is fighting to extend that leadership in both plug-in hybrids and battery electric cars. In plug-in hybrids, GM plans on first mover advantage with the Chevy Volt. In electric cars, the Nissan LEAF has a […]


Water Water Everywhere

by Richard T. Stuebi One of the fastest growing “themes” of the cleantech sector is water. While clean energy gets the most attention, clean water is also becoming a high priority. According to Richard Smalley, the late Nobel laureate and nanotech pioneer from Rice University, water trailed only energy on the list of humanity’s top […]


A Few Conversations on the State of Cleantech

I’ve had a number of conversations in the past couple of weeks about the state of cleantech and the various sectors that make it up. No real answers, just food for discussion. The IPO market – a few threads that keep perking up.  A need for the IPO market in cleantech to get healthy.  A general […]


Clean Technology Venture Investment Increases 65 Percent in First Half of 2010

Matches 2008 Investment Record The Cleantech Group and Deloitte released preliminary 2Q 2010 results for clean technology venture investments in North America, Europe, China and India, totaling $2.02 billion across 140 companies. Cleantech venture investment was up 43 percent from the same period a year ago. The number of deals recorded in 2Q10 was down […]


The Petroleum Industry: Past the Tipping Point?

by Richard T. Stuebi as posted to Huffington Post As Jon Stewart so beautifully satired a couple of weeks ago, American political leaders have long said “enough is enough” about the lack of a coherent national strategy regarding oil. In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, is this time different? Will […]