Why I Love Solar, Even Though I’ve Never Bought It

My article last week was entitled Can I Hate the Solar Bill of Rights and Still Love Love Solar?  The comments back ran the gamut, including posters ripping me suggesting I must have oil company ties (to be fair I kind of do) and one asking did someone “pee in my cornflakes” and calling me an “uneducated teabagger”.  But by and large the comments and emails I’ve received agreed that the Solar Bill of Rights as written is not kosher, and supporting my reluctance to sign it.

So I thought I should follow with a short summary of why, despite the costs, the hassles, and the so-called “Solar Bill of Rights”, I love solar and solar technology anyway.

#1  It’s the only love it and leave it, plug and play, solid state, fuel-less, clean, no moving parts engine known to man (that doesn’t include the words Tesla, perpetual, or overunity). And it can scale up OR down.
#2  The largest potential energy resource on the planet, and as any good oilman knows, the only technology that matters is that which is applicable to the biggest honking resources one can get one’s dirty little hands on
#3  It’s got the fastest falling cost curve of any energy thing of any type on the planet
#4  It’s the only distributed generation technology worth a damn, and even if I never buy solar or try to go “off the grid”, I want to know I can tell the government and my energy provider to pound sand (maybe I am a closet teabagger!)
#5  Power with no fuel + no emissions = theoretical heaven on earth
#6  The cleantech sector needs it, and it can make us money
#7  It’s just d#%$ sweet and I like it, for crying out loud!

So Long Live Solar, and Die Solar Bill of Rights!

Neal Dikeman is a partner at cleantech merchant bank Jane Capital Partners LLC, the creative force behind companies in solar, superconductors, fuel cells, and carbon, chief blogger of Cleantechblog.com and Chairman of Cleantech.org, and a partially reformed energy guy.

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