Greening = Yellow+ Blue, as Long as it’s Recycled

Everyone needs office supplies.  Preferably those that do no harm to the environment we live in (or as little harm as possible).

Name:    David Stober, CEO

Company:  ReBinder

What’s your personal definition of greening?

The combination of blue and yellow 🙂 Aligning environmental considerations with personal or business and economic.

How did you get started in green business?

ReBinder was started 6 years ago with the creation of the ReBinder Original recycled binder.  Since then we have expanded our product lines to include two additional binder lines, binder accessories, presentation folders, journals, media cases and sleeves, and labels – all made in the USA, truly recyclable, with No Landfill Required.
Why did you choose to supply

In a market that is cluttered with meaningless ‘green’ certifications and greenwashing, has helped certify ReBinder’s products not to some sort of organization, but to the group that really matters, the market.  Customers go to expecting them to do some of the heavy lifting associated with the filtering of all this noise – this is why we chose to partner with

What do you and your company do in your own life and operations to walk the walk?

In 2009 ReBinder moved its corporate headquarters closer to its supply chain and distribution, thereby reducing local transportation and cutting costs.  As a normal course of business, we also do quarterly packaging reviews to see where we can do more with less, also reducing impact and costs.  Operationally, we have and continue to leverage technology to its fullest extent making the company more efficient and less wasteful.

What is the best greening advice you can give our customers?

Not too much yellow, not too much blue…a good mix.  Hitting home runs is not the only way to score runs – singles work too.  Take a look at your daily life and just be conscience of what you use, how you use it, and whether there is a more responsible alternative.  Every binder counts.

What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries?

Our 1″ ReBinder Original.  It’s both reusable with it’s removable ring mechanism which also makes it truly recyclable.  It’s made from SFI certified recycled corrugated cardboard, Made in the USA, and has a raw and natural look that screams responsible.  It’s the binder that started the recycled binder revolution – often imitated, but never duplicated.
What’s been the biggest change in the green sector since you got started?

The biggest change that I have seen in green sector is the change from cause to this now ‘fashion’ of being green.  You can’t argue the benefit of this change.  However, it also creates huge opportunities for some less-than-ethical marketers to take advantage of this with greenwashing and false environmental statements.  In addition, companies that make and sell responsible products are beginning to realize they must compete in their own markets…not just the ‘island’ of green business.

Do you really think green products make a big difference and why?

Yes I do think they make a difference, if for no other reason then with the population growth we can not continue to perpetuate the acceptance and use of landfills.  It does not take a person being a scientist to understand this is not sustainable.  However, while I believe ‘green’ products I am as equally jaded because of the greenwashing and blatant misrepresentations – a problem not solved by additional legislation, but by consumers putting the time and effort needed to see through it to the truly responsibly choices.

Do you think consumers now are aware green products exist, or is there still a lot more education to do?

We are going up and to the right in terms of awareness.  However, with the growing popularity of green and responsible products come the opportunities for people and companies to prey on this with the greenwashing and false claims.  Again, it’s the consumers responsibility to know the products they are buying, who makes them, and their agenda.

If you could invent a green product that doesn’t exist, what would it be?

iPhone App that allows you to snap a pic of a product and upload to validate environmental statements.


Thank you for your time- we are looking forward to many more years working with you!

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