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Wild Is The Wind

Late May, the wind industry flocked to Anaheim for its annual gathering, Windpower, hosted by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).  For the first time in quite awhile, attendance was down from the previous year – estimated at 14,000, compared to a reported 25,000 in Dallas in 2010.  At least part of the reason was geographic:  […]


Cleantech Investing: A Primer on Risks

I sense that many in the cleantech world generally hold a negative view of venture investors.  Although rarely worded as such, I can almost hear the pleas:  “Why don’t you invest more in cleantech?  Why don’t you do more cleantech deals?” Well, as a venture capitalist, I can tell you plainly that our capital is very […]


Rossi Energy Catalyzer: The “New Fire”?

by David Niebauer I recently listened to an astounding podcast of an interview with Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, talking about low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) and devices that are apparently generating significant energy in the form of heat, with very little input of raw material and no radioactive waste. Bushnell […]


Cleantech Blog’s Parameters for a Workable Energy Policy

Energy is life, the rest runs on it. Since the 70s through every presidential administration and every Congress, we have had an energy policy that boiled down to fighting the cold war through oil and getting lucky on locally sourced coal and gas.  It’s not a zero planning energy policy, we’ve spent money, defined policies, […]


Cleantech Industrial Policy for the United States

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past several months about industrial policy: actions by the public sector to help promote a fledgling industry so as to ensure, foster and/or accelerate its emergence. In the cleantech sector, questions about industrial policy are particularly salient. It’s no secret that many aspects of cleantech – especially low […]


The Elusive Energy Storage Yeti

Large scale energy has proven almost as elusive a Yeti, and perhaps almost as all world saving juicy as the silver bullet for the werewolf or the Holy Grail itself (and not the Monty Python kind). Energy storage for nearly 15 years has been the energy tech and cleantech version of the ultimate “but-if”.  I.E., […]


Into the Blue Yonder

At the invitation of Paul O’Callaghan, the CEO of the water consultancy O2 Environmental, I attended the Blue Tech Forum in San Francisco in early June to get a deeper perspective on water technology innovation.  It was well worth the cross-country trip, even for just a one-day event. Paul’s opening remarks summarized the state of […]


Geoengineering our Future

The Economist had an article in a recent issue about the “anthropocene” period, our new geologic era, where mankind is the dominant force in the geology of the planet.  A period where our agriculture, cities, dams, etc literally have and will permanently change the face of the earth itself, forever. The article suggests that we […]