Building Energy Performance: The Johnson Controls White Paper Library

Without much fanfare, Johnson Controls (NYSE:  JCI) has developed a number of very good white papers relating to building energy performance:  energy efficiency and renewable energy implementation for buildings.

The list of white papers includes coverage of topics such as:

  • Lighting retrofits for industrial facilities – including an illustrative example of the economics associated with a retrofit indicating a payback on investment of 1.24 years (presumably, one of the more favorable examples that JCI has encountered themselves).
  • Solar energy systems on building rooftops — summarizing the issues associated with implementing a solar project, backed by anecdotes from several case studies.
  • Combining on-site renewables with energy efficiency – reflecting the important concept that it’s typically cost-inefficient to supply electricity to a building with (usually higher-cost) renewable energy without first capturing many of the (usually lower-cost) energy reduction opportunities available from a variety of efficiency measures.
  • “Net zero” buildings – articulating a vision of building performance that requires extreme co-alignment and collaboration among all parties involved in the execution of a building:  the owner, the occupant (not always the same), the developer, the architect, the engineer, the general contractors and their subcontractors.
  • Financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for buildings – providing an overview of the various lease and debt options that can be found in the marketplace.

Of course, it goes without saying that these are marketing pieces designed to promote JCI’s capabilities and offerings.  Even recognizing this bias, they are well-written, clear and concise on the germane issues facing building professionals in considering energy efficiency and renewable energy possibilities.  JCI’s library is a good addition to the resources available in the cleantech space.

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