Turning whey from dairy wastewater into alcohol and revenue

Turning whey from dairy wastewater into alcohol and a revenue stream was the subject of a recent presentation by Paul O’Callaghan CEO of O2 Environmental. This presentation was for Water Tech Week February 2011 in San Jose, California, USA and outlines, by way of a case study, how it is possible to save money and actually create revenue streams. This is through sustainable water and energy management and with a little bit of creative out thinking based on the work of Carbery Milk Products.

Carbery Milk Products is a major international food ingredients, flavours and cheese manufacturer headquartered in Cork, Ireland. They have operations in the US and were examining what to with their whey in their waster water.  What is interesting was they were not motivated by environmental reasons, there was an economic driver.

To view the PowerPoint here is the link http://www.o2env.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Dairy-Wastewater-PowerPoint-Turning-Whey-into-Alcohol.pdf

To view the script linked to the presentation here is the link http://www.o2env.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Dairy-Wastewater-script-Turning-Whey-into-Alcohol.pdf

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