Seeking Ideas for the 4th Annual Cleantech Blog Power 10 for 2011

This is the 4th year of the Cleantech Blog Power 10 Ranking of cleantech companies doing it right.  Before we make our selection, I’d love this year to read any recommendations you’d like to send.  Check out Volume III for 2010 for ideas, but don’t be dissuaded from sending suggestions.

Eligibility for inclusion in the ranking requires meeting a 6 point test. Suggestions for inclusions in future volumes are welcome. The 6 point test:

1. The company is energy or environmental technology related
2. I like their products
3. The market needs them
4. The company is smart about building their business
5. I’d like to own the company if I could (for the right price, of course!)
6. It is not already one of mine

When you send ideas, email them to Editor, Power 10, at Make sure to include the company name, their website, a description of the product, and why it makes the list on the test above.

That is:

What makes it energy or environmental technology related

What makes their technology/product unique and special

Exactly how they are making a material difference in the sector

Why I would want to own them

And include any linkage or affiliation you have to the company.

Or just send in the name and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t be afraid to send in startups, esp if they are already forcing bigger companies to react to them, or have literally created a new market.  And feel free to attach any additional information you think is relevant.

Neal Dikeman

Chief Blogger,

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