Blue Is The New Green

I don’t know exactly when “green” became the de facto official color of environmentalism, but it dates back at least to the 1970s, when European political parties rooted in ardent environmental positions took the name “Green”.

But, as Paul Markille noted in The Economist‘s excellent annual round-up of speculations for the new year — “The World in 2012” — there seems to be a movement afoot to brand environmentally-friendly things with the color blue rather than green.

Green is about trees and plants, whereas blue is about oceans, rivers, lakes and the sky.  As environmentalism and cleantech increasingly move from protecting pristine wilderness areas towards ensuring adequate clean supplies of essential resources — air and water — perhaps a color change is warranted.

For sure, blue is more acceptable to right-of-center political interests than the term green has become since being appropriated by left-of-center parties in Europe.  Something for cleantechers to think about…

It does bring new meaning to the University of Michigan rally cry, “Go Blue!”

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  1. Muir Woods
    Muir Woods says:

    It seems appropriate. After 35 years as a cleantech entrepreneur, not only am I feeling Blue, but I'm turning Blue from lack of oxygen. Of course, the Republicans won't like that much, Blue being the team colors of the enemy and all, but they've always figured cleantech for a commie plot.

    On the other hand, maybe the new cleantech color should be Red. That will play to their prejudice and their team colors, not to mention the industry's collective P&L.

    Personally, I've always liked Orange, the color of democracy and revolution, but it's increasingly clear that our corporate masters aren't going to stand for any of those shenanigans here.

    Seriously, does an industry with so much promise and so few profits have any business even considering a rebranding exercise?

    I'm just trying to get in the Black, and not Fade to Black.

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