Pike’s Peek at CleanTech

At the foot of the Flatirons along the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, Boulder is one beautiful town.  With the University of Colorado and the region’s unparalleled outdoor activities, Boulder attracts many intellectual environmentalists.  Of course, like everyone else, this set of people needs to make a buck to pay the bills – there are probably more Ph.D.-holding waiters and waitresses in Boulder than anywhere else on the planet – so over the years Boulder has become a center of energy market and technology analysis.

The list of energy consulting and research firms in Boulder active during the past three decades is too long to include here, and most of them are now defunct and have slipped my memory anyway.  Recently, I came across the newest kid from Boulder-town, Pike Research.

Analyzing the clean technology markets, Pike has organized itself into five segments:  “Smart Energy”, “Smart Grid”, “Smart Transportation”, “Smart Industry”, and “Smart Buildings”.  I guess this terminology is to draw a contrast to all the things potentially considered “dumb” that have been and continue to be pursued to power our economy – including the entire realm of fossil fuels, which is not a topic that Pike covers. 

In each of these segments, Pike’s team either has compiled or is compiling information and perspectives on a number of subsegments, ranging from renewable energy to microgrids to electric vehicles to green buildings.  Individual reports can be purchased, or clients can purchase an advisory service that provides access to all of Pike’s research.

Of course, this research isn’t cheap for Pike to develop, and consequently isn’t cheap to acquire from Pike either.  But, if you’re looking to make a big strategic or investment decision in one of these technology fields, it’s good to have some set of data on which to make judgments.  Pike appears to have one of the more extensive catalogues of research, and so is well-positioned to be one of the first one-stop shops you should visit if you have this kind of need.

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