Ta-Ta (For Now)

I am pleased to announce that, as of last week, I have assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of MAR Systems.

MAR addresses some of the most challenging wastewater treatment needs, cost-effectively removing highly toxic contaminants (e.g., mercury, selenium, hexavalent chrome, arsenic, antimony, etc.) from discharges into the world’s water bodies that are generated by commercial activities such as refineries, powerplants, mining operations, and other industrial facilities.  Compared to competing approaches, MAR’s technology is more economical and achieves greater degree of contaminant capture down to lower concentration levels.  Because MAR’s proprietary Sorbster media permanently captures these contaminants from water streams, the resulting spent material holding the captured contaminants does not need to be treated as a hazardous waste.

Of course, if you are aware of any client situations where MAR’s solutions could be of help, I would welcome your contact.

By taking the helm at MAR, I am no longer in a good position to serve as your intrepid reporter.  Rather than writing provocative missives here each Monday, I will need to spend all my time and attention on leading the company.  Indeed, while provocation is usually a good thing for a blogger aiming to build a following, it’s not necessarily a good thing for a business leader trying to sell wares to customers in the marketplace.  Moreover, my professional focus of attention will narrow dramatically to solely those topics of relevance to MAR, and consequently I will be less exposed to good blogging fodder, which I had been culling from a broader spectrum of cleantech-related issues that I had been casually monitoring.

So, with this note, I’m signing off from CleanTechBlog.

In closing, I would like to thank Neal Dikeman and the team at Jane Capital for providing me this forum.  I’ve enjoyed posting weekly for the past eight years, and hopefully have been able to inject something positive into the cleantech discourse from doing so.

I suspect that, someday, as U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur once proclaimed, “I shall return.”  Until then, I bid you all adieu, and thank you for your readership.

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