And Just How Good is the Air in YOUR House?

We sell a lot of indoor air quality test kits.  I wonder why?  Possibly because breathing is kind of important, and people generally prefer there air without bad stuff in it.   Hmmmmmmmmh.  Or maybe because they just want to tell their neighbor our air is better than your air.  Or throw the question back to their mother-in-law – you think my house is dirty?  Have you even HAD your air tested?  Whatever the reason, checking for any or all of:

Mold – identifies up to 50 types of species
Pollen – tests the pollen count in your home
Dust – tests for the most common allergens in the air
Dander – insect and pet dander are common allergens for humans
Bacteria – tests for all airborne bacteria
Carcinogenic Fibersfiberglass and asbestos
Full AnalysisMold, Dander, Carcinogenic Fibers, Pollen, Bacteria, Dust

Just seems to be popular.  So I was excited to hear about the inspirations of the people at Techtron behind the product.

Nancy Rymer’s take on why people care maybe be more professional than mine: She said that one of the reasons they felt the Jossam, Indoor Air Kit was beneficial is that more and more of the public are starting to make changes to their homes.  In the process of doing that, if they are removing any materials from their home they may be contaminating their indoor air; like rattling settled mold, carcinogenic fibers, dander, etc.    Jossam is a great tool to test their air to make sure that their home improvement will be beneficial. Another great benefit of Jossam is that the consumer is getting professional laboratory results, along with a report outlining the findings.

Name:  Nancy Rymer, Executive

Company:  Techtron Engineering, Inc.

What’s your personal definition of greening?

Clean, natural, re-use and non-toxic

How did you get started in green business?

Techtron Engineering developed a patented consumer product; Jossam, Indoor Air Kit.  We solicited Green Home.

Why did you choose to supply

Green Home was an established online Green Store that had a broad variety of products.

What do you and your company do in your own life and operations to walk the walk?

Be more environmentally conscientious.

What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries?

JOSSAM the Indoor Air Quality Kit (Editor’s note, it runs anywhere from $24 to $185, depending on how comprehensive you want it).  FAQs here

What’s been the biggest change in the green sector since you got started?

The public has become more and more aware of using sustainable products.  Learning more about products and how many products can be not healthy and  toxic to their own health and environment.

Do you really think green products make a big difference and why?

We believe that there are products that are beneficial and some not.  Unfortunately, some products have been developed to jump on the “green bandwagon”

Do you think consumers now are aware green products exist, or is there still a lot more education to do?

I believe the public is far more knowledgeable, but education is an ongoing process.

Bio “degrade” that Grease Away

Biodegradable. Hypo-Allergenic. Phosphate Free. What more is there is say?

Only $24, Charlie’s soap cleaning kit contains three amazing cleaning products you cannot be without – Laundry Powder, All Purpose Cleaner and a Pocket cleaner! Charlie’s Soap is environmentally friendly to all land, air and marine life, when used as directed, because it contains only the purest natural ingredients.Charlie\'s Soap Kit

Charlie’s Soap contains no lye, phosphates, bleach, brighteners, dyes, softeners, petroleum, perfumes, or other fillers to fool you into thinking you just cleaned something.  And we’re excited to get Charlie’s Soap President Taylor Sutherland’s view on greening.

Name: Taylor Sutherland, President

Company: Charlie’s Soap

What’s your personal definition of greening?

We believe in maximizing our profit.  And to do that, we must provide a good that our customers want, and want to buy regularly.  We cannot reach that goal by theft or by fraud.  We must really make a product that works.  We must make it safe for them and the environment in which we all live.  What good is money, if we’re all too sick or dead from environmental poisons to use it?

How did you get started in green business?

My father started the business, and I found the challenge over the last 10 years exhilarating.

Why did you choose to supply

Axil Comras (our founder) called us after seeing the impact our product has on its customers.

What do you and your company do in your own life and operations to walk the walk?

We recycle, try to make our home energy efficient, drive conservatively to keep fuel use down.

What is the best greening advice you can give our customers?

Do your homework.  Not all “greening” is green.  Make sure that products are really biodegradable.  And if it’s energy efficient, make sure you don’t have to use it 3 times to get the same effect as a “less green” unit in one use.

What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries?

Other than our product, I can’t answer that well, as I do most of my shopping locally.   (Editor’s note: Wow Taylor, that’s about the only answer you could have given that didn’t involve buying from us that I’d still like!)

What’s been the biggest change in the green sector since you got started?

The rise of “green-washing” and the backlash of the public to that fraud and a push towards real green tech.

Do you really think green products make a big difference and why?

When developed with the total energy cost in mind, green tech is a good goal to pursue.  It must be better and of better value than its non-green counterparts to really make the difference.  In an age where despite rhetoric, non-green companies purchase favor from the government, real green companies must work hard to prove their products are a better value to customers.  This thorn in the side of new green-tech companies is a good thing as it will force us to innovate and create grass-roots fans who tell all their friends about the better products.  Against this kind of ground swell, the public can really win…over time.

Do you think consumers now are aware green products exist, or is there still a lot more education to do?

Lots and lots more.  Because in our industry, they assume green doesn’t clean.  Charlie’s Soap is different.  And we make them aware of it one at a time.

If you could invent a green product that doesn’t exist, what would it be?

A device that bridges the gap between existing tech and far-fetched green tech that the public won’t trust.  I would like to see a revolutionary way to extract oil, our most renewable resource from shale that takes little time and effort and doesn’t disrupt the surroundings.  This would let people keep their oil, and allow us to grow towards energy efficiency but without disrupting the economy which will eventually fuel better and greener ideas.

Thank you for your time- we are looking forward to many more years working with you!

Ionize Away Them Thar Spots and Stains

We’ve carried a wide range of San Francisco based Orbeco’s Ion based cleaning supplies for a long time, and are just about the only place on the web you can get them!  It’s a long time favorite of our hospitality small business customers.

Name: Guy de Lacrose, COO

Company: Orbeco, Inc.

The Orbeco Story

The story of Orbeco Inc. began in the early 90’s in the heart of France, a region called Puy de Dome where a brilliant inventor and chemist was retired from years in the pharmaceutical and cosmetology industries. He became very concerned with the number of harmful or dangerous chemicals becoming more and more part of the products we use daily. His strong personal convictions and his creativity made him look for natural alternatives.
He developed several processes for different industries but always with the same ulterior purpose: to improve the capability of a product while making it healthier for the consumers and cleaner for the environment. His research was an instant success.
His inventions has since been adopted by some of the largest corporations who saw in his creations new ways to decrease waste and help our surroundings.

Today, the headquarters of our company, Orbeco Inc., are still located in the original site, the Puy de Dome. While staying a family business, Orbeco Inc. implemented its US headquarters in San Francisco in September 2005 to offer a complete line of products that respond to US officials’ concerns regarding the lack of true environmental products. Since its inception, Orbeco Inc. has already supplied to their utmost satisfaction clients as diverse as the most prestigious hotels and casinos as well as convention centers, airports, restaurants…

A few of the advantages of ionization based cleaners:

• Safe
• Instant results: no rinsing, vacuuming or waiting to see results
• Odor-free: no emission of odor
• Non-toxic: non irritating to normal skin
• Non-flammable: does not contain any solvent
• No testing on animals
Woolsafe certified
• pH Neutral

What’s your personal definition of greening? Using natural products, harmless to humans and the environment.

How did you get started in green business? In 2005, by looking at green alternatives to cleaning.

Why did you choose to supply Greenhome specialized in online sales of green products.

What do you and your company do in your own life and operations to walk the walk? Recycling, saving and using natural products.

What is the best greening advice you can give our customers? Look at labels carefully and check the certifications

What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries? Our Ionization based wool safe carpet cleaner, of course!

What’s been the biggest change in the green sector since you got started? Growing awareness of customers

Do you really think green products make a big difference and why? Yes they do, especially with the increasing number of chemicals we are immersed in.

Do you think consumers now are aware green products exist, or is there still a lot more education to do? Yes they do and a lot more education is needed.

If you could invent a green product that doesn’t exist, what would it be? A green disinfectant and we just patented it. (Editor’s note:  We’re looking forward to carrying it!)

Thanks Guy!

Anna Marie Stauss – Creator of the Toockie Organic Cleaning Cloth – “Greening is a lifestyle choice”

I’m Anna Marie Stauss, founder and CEO of Sinko Corp.  I believe that greening is a lifestyle choice to do as little damage as possible to our world and humanity as a whole.  This sound big and possibly over whelming but as an individual one can create a ripple in the pond by making small changes in the choices made throughout the day to affect the ordinary.  For example, every time we buy something no matter how small we are voting for it and sending a message to the market place engine called “demand”, so choose products that speak your intentions. 

I got started on my green business after watching a TV program on how young woman in India are sold, used up and disposed of.   I had an idea for a green product I loved and a business model for production similar to the one my mother was part of in the Azores as a young woman, but did not act on it until that moment.  I decided I had to do something that would change the business as usual approach to product development.  Today, I’m working with a nonprofit in India that feeds over 200 children and am providing jobs to over 200 woman in the community. I believe that the products we purchase/use should benefit those who make, those who sell, and those who use them to create a positive change in humanity and to our planet. 

I choose to sell my product on because I wanted to enter a retail space whose intentions aligned with mine.  In my home I have long since replaced plastic scrubs, microfiber, and sponges I used to clean.  Now, I use my Toockies to clean everything and everyone (6 kids) in my home, then I toss them in the wash with any color/temperature or add to the dish washer and reuse.   This one small greening step has saved me money, time, landfill space, and saved me from bringing more chemicals in to my family life. 

My company buys only organic cotton therefore reducing the amount of chemicals added to local soil, water, and air.  Further, our artisans work from home so we do not have to burn gasoline to fire up generators for factories like many of the other local industries.  The best green advise I can offer others is to start making the small choices when shopping; read the label and think about what you are voting on and what you are bringing into your life. 

Other products I really like from are: Ecover (dishwasher tablets), Recycled Mixing Bowls, Nursery Gentle Cleaner and the Herbal Insect Repellent. The biggest change in this sector since I started is the “demand”  more people are choosing green products and the Market is responding.  I really do think green products make a difference because they improve our quality of life internally and externally.  I think there is a lot more that needs to be done in terms of making potential customers aware of the green products that now exist and to drive demand for more green products.  Many consumers fear that going green is an expensive effort or that green products don’t work as well.  They don’t see how they are in fact very economical and in many cases out perform competitors!!  Many green products are designed to be reused, or to be used in minimum quantities that save consumer’s time, money and health.  The green product that I would invent that does not yet exist is one that provides energy by transforming potential energy without waste.