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Rather than using .all(), you use the .one_or_none() method to get one person, or return None if no match is found. Your REST API works with JSON instead of Python objects. Because SQLAlchemy returns data as Python class instances, Connexion can’t serialize these class instances to JSON-formatted data.

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You can protect your program by sanitizing all data that you get from the users of your application. This can be tricky to do right and would have to be done everywhere user data interacts with the database.

Serialize the Modeled Data With Marshmallow

This is the zero time zone from which all other time zones are offset. By using this as the zero time source, your timestamps are offsets from this standard reference point. Line python api design 11 creates a variable, app, which is the Flask instance initialized by Connexion. Line 8 creates the variable basedir pointing to the directory that the program is running in.

  • Then, it’ll find the SQL statement delimiter character ; and will go right ahead and drop the entire table.
  • Finally, you serialize your Python objects with .dump() and return the data of all the people as a response to the REST API call.
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Conceptually, you can think of a database table as a two-dimensional array where the rows are records, and the columns are fields in those records. In this section, you’ll add a proper database to your Flask project to fix these shortcomings. Before you continue working on your Flask project, it’s a good idea to create and activate a virtual environment. That way, you’re installing any project dependencies not system-wide but only in your project’s virtual environment. If you downloaded the source code from the link above, then make sure to follow the installation instructions within the provided file.

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Designed for those who like bold elements and beautiful websites, Material Kit 2 is ready to help you create stunning websites and web apps. This video explains how to use tools to generate full-stack apps in no time on top of React & Flask. This video explains how to use tools to generate full-stack apps in no time on top of Flask and Material Design.

  • Inheriting from db.Model gives Person the SQLAlchemy features to connect to the database and access its tables.
  • Line 7 gets all the records returned by the SQL query and assigns them to the people variable.
  • The module is, as the name implies, where all of your configuration information is created and initialized.
  • Next up, you’ll update the existing functions connected to the endpoints listed above so that they can work with the people.db database.
  • However, the use case for your REST API will be taking user input from the web application and using it to create SQL queries.
  • Marshmallow converts Python class instances to objects that can be converted to JSON.

Part three will mark the last part of this tutorial series. At the end, you’ll have a full-fledged Flask REST API with related database tables in the background. The read_all() function responds to the REST API URL endpoint GET /api/people and returns all the records in the person database table. Now it’s time to get rid of the old PEOPLE data structure. This will make sure that any changes you’re making to people data are performed on the database rather than the obsolete PEOPLE dictionary. SQLAlchemy is a big project and provides a lot of functionality to work with databases using Python.

Top 5 Health Benefits of a Remote Workforce

The other top factors that make people want a flexible job, in addition to work-life balance and commute stress, were family and time savings. The constant pull that people benefits of working remotely feel between time spent with family and time spent at work can affect mental health, and flexible work options allow those priorities to co-exist more peacefully.

What are 5 examples of benefits?

  • 1) Health Benefits.
  • 2) Retirement.
  • 3) Workplace Flexibility.
  • 4) Wellness Program.
  • 5) Tuition Reimbursement.

In contrast, healthier employees are more likely to be increasingly productive and engaged. The time saved by working remotely means less fatigue for employees and more productivity. Introverts who often struggle to maintain energy during social interactions may be the most affected by the return to in-person work. This doesn’t mean, however, that they necessarily want to be fully remote. In a survey conducted by Myers-Briggs Co., a high percentage of individuals who self-classified as introverted preferred a hybrid schedule.

Pool of talent

In fact, 35 percent of employees would change jobs if it meant the ability to work off-site full-time, according to Gallup. Companies that offer a flexible working arrangement, such as full, half, or partial remote work, could make the difference for a candidate selecting their next career move. This also translates to increased productivity and job satisfaction reducing turnover rates which can save them thousands in hours and money in the long run. Telecommuting usually leads to fewer interruptions, less office politics, a quieter noise level, and less meetings. Add in the lack of a commute, and remote workers typically have more time and fewer distractions, which leads to increased productivity—a huge benefit of working from home for both employees and employers alike. According to a study by PGi, 82% of surveyed remote workers related the possibility of more flexible work arrangements with lower stress levels.

Zoom is a video communications platform that provides conferencing services via cloud-based computing. Besides other factors, the ability to work from home has a positive impact on the environment. Employees can help reduce carbon emission by reducing the commutation to and from work. Work from home can reduce up to 54 million tons of greenhouse gases, making the environment more friendly and green. Employees are not only free to choose their workplace at will, no restrictions are imposed on their availability and in-person attendance. We will elaborate more on the pros of working remotely in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Stress Level Improves

People who have to rush to work every morning, work at a frenetic pace all day and endure a long slog home five days a week tend to have less time for friends, family and relationships. Home-based workers have an opportunity to set their own pace, and with no commute, they typically have more time. Office workers in a traditional workplace setting typically have to take paid time off to visit their physician for an annual checkup or address a health problem. Home-based workers usually have more fluid schedules, so they can squeeze in a doctor’s visit or a dental appointment without losing vacation days.

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Remote workers need just as much support from companies as on-site employees do. Given the different circumstances, remote workers have different needs compared to those who report to work. Companies need to start offering employee benefits customized to fit remote workers’ needs as it has the potential to boost morale and optimize the productivity of employees. This shows that remote work is here to stay and will continue to be a big part of the workplace culture. It will remain an in-demand work arrangement, and employers should start investing in good benefits packages for the remote workforce to attract top talent and stay competitive in the industry. Since the start of the pandemic, many employees and job applicants have paid more attention to the employment package companies offer. If it doesn’t suit their needs, it is easy for them to decide to look elsewhere.