Anna Marie Stauss – Creator of the Toockie Organic Cleaning Cloth – “Greening is a lifestyle choice”

I’m Anna Marie Stauss, founder and CEO of Sinko Corp.  I believe that greening is a lifestyle choice to do as little damage as possible to our world and humanity as a whole.  This sound big and possibly over whelming but as an individual one can create a ripple in the pond by making small changes in the choices made throughout the day to affect the ordinary.  For example, every time we buy something no matter how small we are voting for it and sending a message to the market place engine called “demand”, so choose products that speak your intentions. 

I got started on my green business after watching a TV program on how young woman in India are sold, used up and disposed of.   I had an idea for a green product I loved and a business model for production similar to the one my mother was part of in the Azores as a young woman, but did not act on it until that moment.  I decided I had to do something that would change the business as usual approach to product development.  Today, I’m working with a nonprofit in India that feeds over 200 children and am providing jobs to over 200 woman in the community. I believe that the products we purchase/use should benefit those who make, those who sell, and those who use them to create a positive change in humanity and to our planet. 

I choose to sell my product on because I wanted to enter a retail space whose intentions aligned with mine.  In my home I have long since replaced plastic scrubs, microfiber, and sponges I used to clean.  Now, I use my Toockies to clean everything and everyone (6 kids) in my home, then I toss them in the wash with any color/temperature or add to the dish washer and reuse.   This one small greening step has saved me money, time, landfill space, and saved me from bringing more chemicals in to my family life. 

My company buys only organic cotton therefore reducing the amount of chemicals added to local soil, water, and air.  Further, our artisans work from home so we do not have to burn gasoline to fire up generators for factories like many of the other local industries.  The best green advise I can offer others is to start making the small choices when shopping; read the label and think about what you are voting on and what you are bringing into your life. 

Other products I really like from are: Ecover (dishwasher tablets), Recycled Mixing Bowls, Nursery Gentle Cleaner and the Herbal Insect Repellent. The biggest change in this sector since I started is the “demand”  more people are choosing green products and the Market is responding.  I really do think green products make a difference because they improve our quality of life internally and externally.  I think there is a lot more that needs to be done in terms of making potential customers aware of the green products that now exist and to drive demand for more green products.  Many consumers fear that going green is an expensive effort or that green products don’t work as well.  They don’t see how they are in fact very economical and in many cases out perform competitors!!  Many green products are designed to be reused, or to be used in minimum quantities that save consumer’s time, money and health.  The green product that I would invent that does not yet exist is one that provides energy by transforming potential energy without waste.

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