And Just How Good is the Air in YOUR House?

We sell a lot of indoor air quality test kits.  I wonder why?  Possibly because breathing is kind of important, and people generally prefer there air without bad stuff in it.   Hmmmmmmmmh.  Or maybe because they just want to tell their neighbor our air is better than your air.  Or throw the question back to their mother-in-law – you think my house is dirty?  Have you even HAD your air tested?  Whatever the reason, checking for any or all of:

Mold – identifies up to 50 types of species
Pollen – tests the pollen count in your home
Dust – tests for the most common allergens in the air
Dander – insect and pet dander are common allergens for humans
Bacteria – tests for all airborne bacteria
Carcinogenic Fibersfiberglass and asbestos
Full AnalysisMold, Dander, Carcinogenic Fibers, Pollen, Bacteria, Dust

Just seems to be popular.  So I was excited to hear about the inspirations of the people at Techtron behind the product.

Nancy Rymer’s take on why people care maybe be more professional than mine: She said that one of the reasons they felt the Jossam, Indoor Air Kit was beneficial is that more and more of the public are starting to make changes to their homes.  In the process of doing that, if they are removing any materials from their home they may be contaminating their indoor air; like rattling settled mold, carcinogenic fibers, dander, etc.    Jossam is a great tool to test their air to make sure that their home improvement will be beneficial. Another great benefit of Jossam is that the consumer is getting professional laboratory results, along with a report outlining the findings.

Name:  Nancy Rymer, Executive

Company:  Techtron Engineering, Inc.

What’s your personal definition of greening?

Clean, natural, re-use and non-toxic

How did you get started in green business?

Techtron Engineering developed a patented consumer product; Jossam, Indoor Air Kit.  We solicited Green Home.

Why did you choose to supply

Green Home was an established online Green Store that had a broad variety of products.

What do you and your company do in your own life and operations to walk the walk?

Be more environmentally conscientious.

What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries?

JOSSAM the Indoor Air Quality Kit (Editor’s note, it runs anywhere from $24 to $185, depending on how comprehensive you want it).  FAQs here

What’s been the biggest change in the green sector since you got started?

The public has become more and more aware of using sustainable products.  Learning more about products and how many products can be not healthy and  toxic to their own health and environment.

Do you really think green products make a big difference and why?

We believe that there are products that are beneficial and some not.  Unfortunately, some products have been developed to jump on the “green bandwagon”

Do you think consumers now are aware green products exist, or is there still a lot more education to do?

I believe the public is far more knowledgeable, but education is an ongoing process.

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    I think people forget to ensure their home is a healthy space and the air they breath is clean. So many forget to just simply change their furnace filter. I wonder how many people are sick just due to the air in their home.

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