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Big Oil & Big Coal to get the US off oil & coal – REALLY??

By Guest Opinion Contributor Richard Hennek What if the Obama Administration turned over the nation’s anti-obesity program to McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s? You would expect outrage to erupt across the country. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with America’s clean energy research and development for vehicles. This year, the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership transitioned to […]


Clean Tech Co. breakthrough in electrical energy storage with revolutionary battery design

Lion Energy has developed a battery in the flow category which has major performance and cost advantages over the existing batteries and which could play an important role in distributed generation and allow the large scale proliferation of renewable intermittent power technologies. Our Battery is using a number of proprietary features: proprietary Redox couple, low […]


Tar Sands Becoming Banned in EU?

By Chris Keenan The European Union is known to have a lot of momentum in consumer and environmental movements. The countries have made efforts to help promote alternative energy and use more eco-friendly consumer practices. Today, the European Union is targeting banning the practice of tar sands. The tar sand is a controversial practice in […]


Turning whey from dairy wastewater into alcohol and revenue

Turning whey from dairy wastewater into alcohol and a revenue stream was the subject of a recent presentation by Paul O’Callaghan CEO of O2 Environmental. This presentation was for Water Tech Week February 2011 in San Jose, California, USA and outlines, by way of a case study, how it is possible to save money and actually […]