Clean Tech Co. breakthrough in electrical energy storage with revolutionary battery design

Lion Energy has developed a battery in the flow category which has major performance and cost advantages over the existing batteries and which could play an important role in distributed generation and allow the large scale proliferation of renewable intermittent power technologies.

Our Battery is using a number of proprietary features: proprietary Redox couple, low cost and durable perm selective membrane based on our production technology, electrodes structure, electrodes irrigation architecture, low cost recycled proprietary composite materials for some of the stack structure, special adhesives.

The Redox couple used is chemically stable, with high solubility of both oxidized and reduced species, and fast Redox kinetics.

The substances contained in the proprietary electrolyte are wide spread and available, allowing the future proliferation of the battery without the risk of materials shortage or depletion.

Our Redox couple is using low cost substances (less than 10% of the vanadium based electrolytes), an important feature since the costs of deploying electricity storage technologies will ultimately play the critical role in their proliferation. The current industry consensus is that for flow batteries to be widely adopted, their price must be under $200/Kwh and the U.S.
government labs set up a target cost of $100/Kwh. Our battery’s estimated cost will be below $25/Kwh.

Kostas LIAPIS the CEO of Lion Energy states that this battery is an important milestone in the development of renewable energy because it offers significant cost savings with better performance than existing batteries. Combined with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind turbines Lion energy’s battery will provide a 24 hour energy release at an economic cost.

Our company Lion Alternative Energy PLC is in a process to do a private placement and in 2 years to be listed in London, we are also looking for investors.

For accredited investor, call Mr Kostas LIAPIS , CFO, at +447503100999 or email

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