A Swash(buckling) Bidet Seat

by Cristina Foung

My favorite green product of the week: the Brondell Swash Ecoseat Bidet Seat

What is it?
The Swash Ecoseat is a bidet seat. It gets installed in place of your traditional toilet seat and has a control panel to help you select the water direction and flow. The Swash Ecoseat has two retractable “cleansing wands” which are self-cleaning. The seat also has a body sensor, so it can tell when you’re not seated and will automatically shut off the flow of water. The seat operates with only 4 AA batteries.

Why is it better?
By nature, a bidet seat does use more water per use than a standard toilet. However, a standard toilet without a Swash Ecoseat also requires toilet paper. The Swash Ecoseat was designed to reduce toilet paper use by 75%.

According to Brondell, in one day, Americans use 34 million rolls of toilet paper. But in order to make all that toilet paper, there are a lot of resources required (221 thousand trees, 255 million gallons of water, 161 million kWh of electricity). Just imagine offsetting 75% of that toilet paper use – it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 thousand tons.

Besides some serious resource conservation, the Swash Ecoseat is simply more hygienic. The only thing you have to touch with your hands is the control panel.

I can tell you from personal experience, the seat is really comfortable and the water pressure is quite strong. At the Huddler office, we experimented getting around the body sensor to see what was really going on. There’s even a Swash Ecoseat video to prove it.

Where can you find it?
You can buy the Swash Ecoseat (and a variety of other bidet seats) directly from Brondell for $360.

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