Biopower Systems Interview

Nick Bruse runs StrikeConsulting, a cleantech venture consultancy; hosts the cleantech show on the podcast network; and advises Clean Technology AustralAsia Pty Ltd, the organiser of the AustralAsian Cleantech Forums, and the leading advocate of Cleantech in Australia.

Around 5 months ago I blogged on Biopower Systems an Australian company developing innovative ocean power technologies designed using the principle of bio-mimicry.

In a recent podcast interview with the CEO Tim Finnigan on The Cleantech Show we discussed the technology in more detail as the company continues with its laboratory tests. Scaled up Ocean based prototypes are planned to be tested in 2008.

Tim talks about one of the key aspects of the technology being compliance. That is these devices are designed to be compliant in the ocean, extracting energy at normal wave and current conditions, but yielding compliantly when conditions become excessive. Such as in storm or freak wave conditions.

The result of this that in these designing systems they don’t require the cost, time and testing requried cope with these scenarios. Thus the installed unit cost is lower than more traditional ocean structures, and I suspect testing times for unit resilience in the ocean to be lower also.

Corrosion and maintenance of dynamic components are obvious sensitivities, but for the most part the devices will be made from composite materials with anti-fouling surfaces.

The company has a while to go yet before the scaled ocean prototypes can demonstrate the real potential of the technology, but the company is proceeding according to its milestone projections so far. You can listen to the interview here.