Election Predictions for Cleantech and Carbon in a Post Obama World

At the risk of sounding like I’m flip flopping, here are the top 5 reasons tonight’s election results mean lots of money for cleantech investors (and, unfortunately, my pocket).

1. An Illinois President and Democratic Congress equals good odds for corn ethanol and a Renewable Fuels Standard.
2. Think massive subsidies, loan guarantees and R&D funding for alternative energy (assuming our government has any money left in it’s pocket book).
3. CAFE standards are going up.
4. We can stop worrying about losing the wind and solar tax credits, and maybe get a federal Renewable Portfolio Standard.
5. And finally, strange bedfellows – Think McCain-Lieberman leading the swing votes in the Senate and an Obama led White House delivering our climate change legislation.
Good luck and God bless us all.
Neal Dikeman is a partner at cleantech merchant bank Jane Capital Partners, CEO of Carbonflow, and the Chairman of