Funny Papers

Life is too difficult, and cleantech is too challenging, for one not to maintain a sense of humor as a necessary survival or coping mechanism.  And so I really need to start spending more time reading posts by Eric Wesoff on Greentech Media, a web portal for cleantech news.

Consider this gem summarizing the state of the fuel cell sector, with the classic passage:

“Here’s an updated list of the top three profitable publicly-held fuel cell firms:




“The non-profitable list is a bit longer and includes…” …just about every company involved in the fuel cell business.

Or, Wesoff’s most recent contribution about the massive energy use associated with the growing of marijuana, which contains among other most excellent passages the following knee-slapper:

“One percent of national electricity consumption, or the output of seven large power plants, is devoted to make Pink Floyd sound interesting and keep the Denny’s graveyard shift in business.”

Maybe it’s because I like to crack jokes, even in tough situations, but I find that those who can make you laugh also make you think.  So, I heartily recommend the works of Wesoff, as we need more people thinking better in the cleantech realm.