Bio “degrade” that Grease Away

Biodegradable. Hypo-Allergenic. Phosphate Free. What more is there is say?

Only $24, Charlie’s soap cleaning kit contains three amazing cleaning products you cannot be without – Laundry Powder, All Purpose Cleaner and a Pocket cleaner! Charlie’s Soap is environmentally friendly to all land, air and marine life, when used as directed, because it contains only the purest natural ingredients.Charlie\'s Soap Kit

Charlie’s Soap contains no lye, phosphates, bleach, brighteners, dyes, softeners, petroleum, perfumes, or other fillers to fool you into thinking you just cleaned something.  And we’re excited to get Charlie’s Soap President Taylor Sutherland’s view on greening.

Name: Taylor Sutherland, President

Company: Charlie’s Soap

What’s your personal definition of greening?

We believe in maximizing our profit.  And to do that, we must provide a good that our customers want, and want to buy regularly.  We cannot reach that goal by theft or by fraud.  We must really make a product that works.  We must make it safe for them and the environment in which we all live.  What good is money, if we’re all too sick or dead from environmental poisons to use it?

How did you get started in green business?

My father started the business, and I found the challenge over the last 10 years exhilarating.

Why did you choose to supply

Axil Comras (our founder) called us after seeing the impact our product has on its customers.

What do you and your company do in your own life and operations to walk the walk?

We recycle, try to make our home energy efficient, drive conservatively to keep fuel use down.

What is the best greening advice you can give our customers?

Do your homework.  Not all “greening” is green.  Make sure that products are really biodegradable.  And if it’s energy efficient, make sure you don’t have to use it 3 times to get the same effect as a “less green” unit in one use.

What’s your personal favorite of your products that carries?

Other than our product, I can’t answer that well, as I do most of my shopping locally.   (Editor’s note: Wow Taylor, that’s about the only answer you could have given that didn’t involve buying from us that I’d still like!)

What’s been the biggest change in the green sector since you got started?

The rise of “green-washing” and the backlash of the public to that fraud and a push towards real green tech.

Do you really think green products make a big difference and why?

When developed with the total energy cost in mind, green tech is a good goal to pursue.  It must be better and of better value than its non-green counterparts to really make the difference.  In an age where despite rhetoric, non-green companies purchase favor from the government, real green companies must work hard to prove their products are a better value to customers.  This thorn in the side of new green-tech companies is a good thing as it will force us to innovate and create grass-roots fans who tell all their friends about the better products.  Against this kind of ground swell, the public can really win…over time.

Do you think consumers now are aware green products exist, or is there still a lot more education to do?

Lots and lots more.  Because in our industry, they assume green doesn’t clean.  Charlie’s Soap is different.  And we make them aware of it one at a time.

If you could invent a green product that doesn’t exist, what would it be?

A device that bridges the gap between existing tech and far-fetched green tech that the public won’t trust.  I would like to see a revolutionary way to extract oil, our most renewable resource from shale that takes little time and effort and doesn’t disrupt the surroundings.  This would let people keep their oil, and allow us to grow towards energy efficiency but without disrupting the economy which will eventually fuel better and greener ideas.

Thank you for your time- we are looking forward to many more years working with you!