A Year of Change: Solar, Smart Power, and Carbon; Buying; and Cleantech Blog Moves to Texas

Dear Friends,

We think it’s time cleantech grew up and learned to play with the big boys of energy and consumer goods.  That means learning cost down and scale like nobody’s business.  We think it can.  We think green is going mainstream – for good. We think LEDs are going to win.  We think wind and solar power will continue to grow, and bear the bruises to prove it.  We think EVs may have a shot, but have it to prove. We think climate change will be tackled, and beaten, but it will be a long hard road.  We think energy storage and cellulosic biofuels are not yet teething, and investors there will pay the price.  We think water tech may yet be a real sector on the back of shale gas.  We think smart grid is the sine qua non of cleantech’s future.  We think the future of cleantech means fewer venture capitalists, more globalization, and more energy companies at the table, and scale like you’ve never seen it before.

2010 has been a year of change and learning.

  • We learned about The Quantitative Easing, and we learned government stimulus does not fix economies, but stock markets can rise anyway. 
  • We learned to beware of Greeks (and anyone) who borrows too much, but we didn’t bother to take the lesson to heart (yet).
  • Cap and trade survived in California, and the international climate change community breathed a big sigh of relief from a successful Cancun, but healthcare and a moribund economy crowded out a comprehensive climate or energy bill in the US.
  • Arguably this was the year that China passed the US in energy consumption (barely two years after taking the carbon emissions crown), and Japan in GDP to become the second largest economy, and oil prices ended on a high note (yes we do think those have something in common).  It also reached 50% of global coal consumption.  China of course, officially disputed the first and the last, and accepted the second, but provides no data.)
  • Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) (Electric vehicles), GM, and Codexis (NASDAW:CDXS) (bioenergy) priced IPOs, as did Molycorp (NYSE:MCP) (rare earth mining), but once high flyer Solyndra (CIGS PV) did not.  We learned the Chinese like IPOing things just like the rest of us, and we saw the nascent launch of EVs with the first shipments of Leafs and Volts to an unsuspecting public. 2011 will (maybe) tell us how much change Nissan and GM will see from those launches.
  • And after 5 years, moved off of Blogger and onto a new look on WordPress.  Finally!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jane Capital saw a year of change as well:

In summary, 2010 feels like one of those years we’ll look back on as a watershed year, for us, for our industry, and our planet. 

Here’s wishing you a productive beginning to 2011.


Jane Lindner, Neal Dikeman, and the Jane Capital team.

P.S. Don’t forget to shop, and yes, if you ask nicely we  might send you a friends and family discount.

The 21st Century will be the Cleantech Century

Dear Friends,

We know 2009 has been a rough year up and down, but we are proud to have had some great highlights to share. And as always, after 9 years in business as one of the leading merchant banks and advisors to the cleantech sector, Jane Capital is looking forward to our 10th Spring and the end of the first decade of the 21st Century (and another year of cleantech blogging!)

And yes, we do eat, sleep and breathe energy, and we do believe that the last century was the century of massive, cheap, available energy, and this one is shaping up to be all about cleantech: better, faster, cleaner energy. It will “take a village”, from natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, and better use of fossil fuels, to IT, carbon, wind, solar, superconductors et al driving us to a new and more efficient future.

A Few Highlights:

We capped off a multi-year engagement for New Zealand’s state owned all renewable power company Meridian Energy Ltd, successfully orchestrating the launch of Meridian Solar,, and arranging and executing the acquisition of California based solar IPP Cleantech America to anchor Meridian Solar’s business in the US. They are in the process of building the largest PV installation in California.

Our venture, Zenergy Power plc (AIM:ZEN), which we cofounded 5 years ago, successfully installed the first ever superconducting fault current limiter in the grid for Socal Edison, and secured FCL deals with AEP and Con Edison. FCLs instantly absorb spikes in power that are one of the major trigger of blackouts.

Our Carbonflow venture launched the first multi-party SaaS platform for the carbon verification market, and ended the year with pilots with 7 of the top 20 carbon market players. Neal spent much of the last year running Carbonflow helping it get off the ground, and we are very excited by the team we have recruited and the success they’ve had.

Despite a rough market, our industry leading handheld for restaurants company, TriniTEQ, continues to power along.

We spoke at over a dozen conferences this year, including the Wall Street Green Trading Summit, Cleantech Forum, and the Thin Film Solar Summit. Those of you who know us know we love speaking, and have a passion for this area.

And Giving Back:

This year Jane Lindner continued her work at California Pacific Medical Center’s non-profit Institute for Health & Healing, the largest integrative medical center in the nation, co-chairing their Community Advisory Council. IHH had another wonderfully successful Spring fundraiser in 2009, of which Jane Capital was a proud sponsor.

Our venture, created by Jane Capital in 2007 to provide a center of gravity for cleantech, really hit its stride. It’s now one of the largest social media ventures in green, ran its first webinar, partnering with powerhouse carbon verifier Det Norske Veritas, and reached 40,000 in newsletter subscribers plus over 18,000 in social network members. Along with, gives us now 2 of the top 5 sites on google for the term “cleantech”. And thanks to a great cast of bloggers led by Richard Stuebi and John Addison (who are entering their 5th year as bloggers, Cleantech Blog continues to live up to its reputation as one of the 3 original blogs in cleantech. We also are particularly excited to have successfully taken over and rejuvenated the 2,000 member group on Yahoo, giving us the largest cleantech dedicated social networking groups on both Linked In and Yahoo, as well as to have launched a new community on

And in a new effort this year, along with DNV, Center for Resource Solutions, and Hedge Fund Services, Jane Capital partnered with the City of San Francisco to launch the SF Carbon Collaborative under the leadership of the City’s cleantech advocate, David Pascal. SFCC has just launched its website, check out SFCC spun out the city’s cleantech initiative and this fall organized as a 501(c)(3). It’s first year successes included running over 50 stakeholder events to help coalesce the Bay Area carbon community, including a two week Copenhagen Café in San Francisco this month during COP-15, delivering from its policy committee multi-stakeholder comments to the CARB AB 32 rulemaking process, and helping to set up a Carbon Business Cluster at One Bush St in the heart of downtown San Francisco managed by Lee West of Hedge Fund Services.

We look forward to lots more in 2010. In particular, we are actively looking for acquisitions for both our account and select clients in solar, carbon, and the green web, and of course anyone looking for help launching a business in cleantech, give us a call.


Jane Lindner, Neal Dikeman, and the Jane Capital team