Gertie Finds a New Home

Gertie is a camper — a “short” bus with a powerful International engine. In 2006, I drove her from Colorado to Maine while chronicling in this blog a quest for biodiesel fuel.
This week, Gertie found a new home with the Maine Earth Walk Project. Her owner, the organizer and publicist for Maine Earth Walk, reports that her engine purrs, and, but for a handful of minor repairs, she is road-worthy. Participants in the Project are walking this week from Portland to Augusta, and Gertie will be with them.
If you wish to participate in the Walk, in celebration of this amazing earth that sustains us, contact maineearthwalk@gmail. Below is a message from Maine Earth Walk Projet.

Dear Friends,

For too long we have witnessed the tragic neglect and exploitation of our Mother Earth, along with the erosion of the basic Human Rights of people everywhere. It’s an ongoing tragedy that threatens the balance of life and the very existence of all living beings on Earth.

“This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself.” ~ Chief Seattle,Native American

We must address the problems we face, we must restore the balance and our spiritual relationship with our Mother Earth through mutual cooperation as Human Beings regardless of race, religion, ideology or nationality.

The MAINE EARTH WALK seeks to affirm the dignity of all Human Beings by reaffirming our Human Rights. We must exercise our Civil Rights as Citizens of Planet Earth. It is our duty to Stand Up and Speak Out! To Petition our Governments for Peace!! It is also our responsibility to Preserve and Protect our Planet Earth! We proclaim ‘Earth Day, Every Day !’, encouraging continuous stewardship of our environment. In this way each of us helps to protect, preserve, and restore the delicate balance of Nature that sustains Life on our Planet Earth.

The MAINE EARTH WALK, in solidarity with Occupy Movements both nationally and globally, is a movement by the People and for the People. We invite all the People of Maine to join our cause. To work together for rebuilding our communities for a Sustainable Way of Life.

The MAINE EARTH WALK is a nine day, seventy six mile walk and camping trip from Portland to Augusta, for sharing our ecological and Human Rights messages with all. Everyone is invited to join the walk as a volunteer, whether for just a segment or for the entire journey. We will begin the Walk from Portland’s Lincoln Park at 10AM on Monday, April 23rd, follow Route 1 to Brunswick and then Route 24 to Augusta with an average daily walk of ten miles.

The Walk will culminate on May Day, May 1st. 3 mile Maine Earth Walk from Hallowell to Augusta via River Rail Trail, 12noon Gathering at Capital Park, for our May Day Rally!

Bring signs, banners and messages that help raise Earth awareness and/or consciousness of related causes. Bring your songs and stories, poetry and positive spirit for our Mother Earth. Families, friends, and people from all walks of life are all welcome to Demonstrate our Unity.

There are many ways to participate in MAINE EARTH WALK. We are seeking letters of support; from civic leaders, business owners, and concerned citizens, to be shared with the general public and eachother. Join us along the way, and for our Town Hall Meetups.
We are seeking campsite hosts along the walk route. All support will help ensure the success of this Project ! Food and donations are appreciated for the Maine Earth Walk Project.
The MAINE EARTH WALK thanks you for your support. We are a grass-roots social movement.

If you wish to walk with us, Please contact us ~ maineearthwalk@gmail

As a prayer for Peace on Earth, Justice for All, and a better World for Future Generations!

Stand Up! Walk with Us! Speak Out!

Maine Earth Walkers