Drive as green as the inside of a kiwi

by Cristina Foung

My favorite green product of the week: the PLX Kiwi Fuel Saving Device

What is it?
The PLX Kiwi is basically a fuel efficiency monitor for any car. It’s an on-board display that shows you quite a bit of information, including your miles per gallon and how much you spent (or saved) on fuel in a given trip.

Why is it better?
Before the Kiwi, you might have been guessing at your car’s fuel efficiency. But now, you can see your MPG at the exact moment you’re driving. It gives you real time feedback which helps you adjust your driving style to maximize your fuel efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint (and save money). Just don’t keep your eyes on the Kiwi and forget about the road.

The Kiwi also comes with another nifty feature. It’s called the “Drive Green” mode. This setting lets you run through different driving lessons. The lessons teach you strategies to maximize smoothness, acceleration, and deceleration (among other things).

By making drivers more aware of their habits, their fuel economy, and their potential gas savings, the Kiwi helps cut gasoline consumption and therefore emissions. Now mileage monitors are no longer just for Prius drivers.

Where can you find it?
You can get the Kiwi for $299 directly from PLX Devices.

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