It Only Has 3 Wheels But It’s Awfully Zippy

by Cristina Foung

My favorite green product of the week: Green Vehicles Triac

What is it?
The Triac is a three-wheel electric vehicle. It has a top speed of 80 MPH and a 100-mile range per charge. It takes 6 hours to charge fully.

Why is it better?
Yes, it’s yet another electric vehicle. I know I’ve already told you about the Tesla, the cityZENN, the Vectrix scooter, and the RMartin EVD scooter. So I’ll refrain from extolling the green virtues of electric cars again.

I will say that the Triac is highway speed and looks to be one of the first to hit the road. And according to their specs, an optional capacity-boost battery pack will also add an additional 25% to the range.

Green Vehicles recently announced that they expect to produce 50 to 100 vehicles per month come this September. By Q2 of 2009, they should be at 100 to 200 per month.

It also looks pretty zippy in the ad spot.

Where can you find it?
You can reserve your Triac using this reservation form. You’ll need to deposit a 10% reservation fee for the $19,995 base model.

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