Be A Model Citizen In An Electric cityZENN

by Cristina Foung

My favorite green product of the week: the electric cityZENN by ZENN Motors

What is it?
With the ZENN Hatchback neighborhood EV already on the road, ZENN Motors has been looking to get out their highway speed vehicle. Enter the cityZENN. With a planned top speed of 80 MPH and a range of 250 miles, the cityZENN will be powered by EEStor barium-titanate ceramic ultracapacitors.

Why is it better?
As we’ve seen, it looks like 2010 will be a big year for the electric car. And as gas prices go up, going electric will let you avoid the pump (and the emissions). ZENN reports that its operating costs will be 1/10th of a typical internal combustion engine. In fact, ZENN stands for zero-emission, no-noise. All of those aspects to the cityZENN are major bonuses.

The cityZENN is a great option for an EV because of its expected range (as a comparison, the Tesla Roadster has a range of 200 miles and the highway speed Myers Motors NmG, formerly known as the Corbin Sparrow, gets 30 miles per charge). With EEStor, which is currently operating more or less in stealth mode, the EV will be rechargeable in less than 5 minutes.

Where can you find it?
Well, that’s the one drawback. You have to wait for the cityZENN. Right now the target launch is fall of 2009 (let’s just cross our fingers that doesn’t get pushed back).

But keep checking for updates on Huddler’s Green Home and on the ZENN Motor Company website.

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